We transform iron with fire.

About the company

We make traditional blacksmith products. Our goods are handmade since this is our preference over mass or batch production. We produce everything using traditional procedures and tools such as a well heated forge furnace, hammer and anvil. A modern blacksmith workshop however differs from an old fashioned one. We make our work easier and faster by using modern electric equipment. When thinking about what could be made you can unleash your imagination as we can make just about everything.

We are a family company and we have been working together since 2001. This craft was handed over to us by our fathers and a grandfather. We already got the feeling of it when we were boys as we used to come to the workshop and later decided to study blacksmith craft. Since we started to run this business, we have been following the motto: nothing is impossible!

What do we make?

  • Gates of various shapes with numerous types of ornaments or gates in modern, simple, plain and precise design
  • Railings, staircases
  • We also make modern interiors, sofas, bar stools or lounge style from metal construction all the way to upholstery
  • Furnishings: beds, tables, candleholders, lamps, stands, wine cases, mirrors, hinges, doorhandles